5 Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil for 2022

You already know that your compressor is incomplete without a proper air compressor oil. But in order for your machine to run smoothly you have to choose the right kind and brand of oil.

Here, the products that we have handpicked work on different kinds of air compressors and can function in high compressing temperatures. We have chosen the products based on their viscosity, oil chaging frequency and temperature range. Your machines will not get exhausted anytime soon anymore.

Choose the best synthetic air compressor oil from our article to keep your machine going for years.

Top Pick: Triax Kompressor MV ISO 46, Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

For us, the Triax Kompressor has won heart and soul. Even if you have to spend a bit more money on this, it is totally worth the price. It is an all-season product that is ideal for both high and low temperatures.

The film strength of this product is also very high. Hence, the compressor efficiency also increases. Not just that, the lifespan of your machine is also increased by up to 20,000 hours.

Runner’s Up: Powermate PX P018-0084SP 100% Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

If this one isn’t the one for you, we also really like the Powermate air compressor oil. This is also an all season item and has exactly 1 quart oil in the bottle. The unit works exceptionally in low temperatures. This also reduces wear and friction to a very great extent.

Why Does One Need Synthetic Air Compressor Oil?

Machines that have a motor or an engine require a lubricant to work efficiently. Synthetic compressor oils provide maximum lubrication to minimize corrosion.

Standard oils and synthetic oils work amazingly. But each has its own purpose and can’t take the role of the other. Conventional oil is better for homeowners who don’t use their units as much.

But those who are professionals and use their air compressors on a regular basis, should use synthetic ones. This is the best oil for them as it has a huge range of temperatures. It gives protection to your device from overheating and cold weather.

Like that, an air compressor is able to run more quietly.

5 Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

Below we will be talking elaborately about 5 great synthetic air compressor oil to aid you in choosing the perfect item for your machine.

Triax Kompressor MV ISO 46, Multi Vis, Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

Your machine wears down very quickly when there is metal-metal contact and when the compressor lacks oil. This is the best synthetic air compressor, and we will tell you why.

If you use this full synthetic air compressor oil, you wouldn’t have to worry about corrosion as this film’s strength is highly durable. You would be glad to know that this prevents wear even when the machine is operating at high temperatures.

Triax Kompressor MV ISO 46, Multi Vis, Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

As we are already talking about temperatures, you should know that this is an all-season oil. It can work in high temperatures and cold temperatures such as -50¬0F. The fluid requirements remain at a minimum because of the multi-viscosity. You wouldn’t require higher or lower viscosity oils because of the temperature range.

Moving on, this is thick and has advanced synthetic protection. The load-bearing limit is increased, and it is a thousand times higher than the standard compressor oil.

This works perfectly with screw, vane, reciprocal, and a rotary air compressor in lengthy operating hours and high compression temperatures.

The equipment will remain clean and free from sludge thanks to the high purity base oil that comes along with a detergent pack. Also, the great bearing protection removes the polish and bearing vibrations.

The best thing about this synthetic lubricant is that it increases the machine’s life by 20,000 hours. The ordinary air compressor can’t do such a thing.


For someone looking for a synthetic air compressor oil that will prevent wear and increase the life of your machine, this one should be your choice. It works in a good range of temperatures and different kinds of air compressors. This is the best compressor oil in our eyes.


  1. Works in low and high temperatures
  2. Film strength is quite high
  3. Functions quite well with vane, screw, reciprocal, and rotary compressor
  4. Increases machine’s life; 20,000-hour life to be precise
  5. Extended pump life


  1. Is not good for oxygen compressors and breathing air pumping compressors

Powermate PX P018-0084SP 100% Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

The Powermate PX P018-0084SP is not something that you can put down after you have once picked it up for your component. It increases the life of your compressor by 25% and it’s better than the synthetic blend oils.

It works really well in cold and high humidity conditions. So, you could use this throughout the whole of the year regardless of the season. In fact, this has high viscosity index, which means that it performs exceptionally well in a wide pump functioning temperature range over the standard mineral oils.

Powermate PX P018-0084SP 100% Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

The oil functions at least 50 percent better at 18º C (0º F)the temperature is less than 30º F.
Furthermore, the flashpoint is at 460º F (238º C), and the pourpoint is at -40º F (40º C).
This also protects the discharge valves from basically any carbon buildup.

You should know that this is not very cheap and is towards the higher end of the spectrum. But for those who really want to reduce the wearing and tearing of their component wouldn’t bother about the price.


The Powermate PX P018-0084SP will really be the perfect air compressor oil for you if you want one for the purpose of using it throughout the year. This compressor lubricant functions really well under low and high temperatures.

This prevents carbon buildup that harms the compressor valves. The air compressor oil also has an oil level indicator.

Although the price is high, some people wouldn’t mind because of the benefits it brings. This is among the effective compressor oils.


  1. Friction and wear is reduced, so component’s life is lengthened
  2. All season compressor oil
  3. The blend is synthetic
  4. There is an oil level indicator
  5. 1 quart bottle
  6. Compressor efficiency is improved
  7. Does not let carbon deposits to form


  1. Compressor oil is towards the expensive end of the spectrum

DEWALT Compressor Oil, 1-Quart (D55001)

You could have portable air compressors, rotary screw compressors, or car air compressors, this product will bring justice to all. Once you decide to buy this item, you will notice that your component will be much quieter and cooler.

One great thing about this oil compressor is that you wouldn’t have to worry about your machine wearing down. This is possible, all thanks to the exceptional pump protection. The quality of the oil is quite great and fine, and because of that, the metal-to-metal contact will lessen.

DEWALT Compressor Oil, 1-Quart (D55001)

The protection of this oil extends to extreme temperatures as well. It also improves the efficiency of the machine a lot. The viscosity of this high-quality oil does not seem to be very temperature sensitive; therefore, the motor starts easily.

Another good thing about this synthetic lubricant is that you can stop worrying about any valve carbon buildup. You will be able to run your machine without a problem for about 200 hours between changing oils.

If your compressor breaker switches off due to the cold, you can add oil to your machine, and it will start working fine. Because of the synthetic oil, it will not be making a lot of noise.
The color of this is blue. So, it would be easier to find out when it needs to be changed once the thing gets dirty.


People choose synthetic oil when the heat becomes the issue. In some cases, compressors have to run constantly throughout the whole day. Normal oil gets the temperature of the motor and machine high, which lessens the life of the components.

But if you use this synthetic oil, the life of your pump will become prolonged.


  1. Superior pump protection and increases pump life
  2. Machine will run for 200 hours when this is used
  3. Can be used by a portable air compressor and rotatory ones
  4. If this is used, the machine will be quieter and cooler noticeably


  1. Sometimes doesn’t come with a cap and cannot be resealed once opened

Royal Purple 02514 Synfilm High-Performance Synthetic Air Compressor

Royal Purple is a very much hyped brand in the industry. They create amazing products and cater to the wants and needs of their customers perfectly.

Those of you who are auto enthusiasts already know that this is a very high-quality oil and is perfect for your machine. Once you pour it inside of your component, you will notice that it will make fewer sounds and become cooler.

Royal Purple 02514 Synfilm High-Performance Synthetic Air Compressor

Not only that, it will eliminate the irritating sounds of your engine as well. This is quite a great lubricant and can be used for a variety of lubrication processes. The bearing lubrication is also amazing.

Next, you would be able to save a lot of energy using this oil rather than any conventional oils. This is because of the low coefficient of friction.

The oxidation stability is amazing and noteworthy and acts as a benefit when one is changing oils. Also, the equipment remains clean while the oil is being changed

Along with the oil drain intervals being extended, premature change of oil is also eliminated. So, you wouldn’t have to buy oil very frequently, and therefore energy is conserved this way.

During startup, the oil gives the machine instant lubrication, and when the component shuts down, it plays the role of preservative oil.

The downside of this product is that the bottle is quite small, and it only has 2 ounces of oil. So, you are more likely to finish this item faster than any of the oils mentioned in this review section.


If you want to conserve energy, then you should definitely give this oil a chance. It will reduce wear and also eliminate the annoying sounds coming from the engine.


  1. Has oxygen stability which conserves energy and oil
  2. Machine will make fewer sounds after using this
  3. Gives instant lubrication when the machine is started
  4. Becomes a preservative oil when the machine is shut down


  1. Bottle is only two ounces

Compressor-source Amsoil Synthetic Commercial Grade Air Compressor Oil

As the name suggests, this air compressor oil is perfect for commercial purposes. This is used often in the auto industry, and it meets the demands of the air compressor market.

You should pick this one up if you have pressure washer pumps, reciprocating air compressors, vacuum pumps, and rotary vane pumps. Your machines will perform much more efficiently and would last you a very long time if you use this oil as a lubricant. You should also know; the service life of this oil is 8 times longer than that of mineral oils.

Compressor-source Amsoil Synthetic Commercial Grade Air Compressor Oil

Oil-lubricated air compressors perform very well, these machines remain cool during operation and make very little noise. This is exactly what this particular item does. You can bid adieu to wear and corrosion if you decide to pick this product up.

Apart from these, this synthetic oil is considered to be very premium. It is a non-detergent oil and is ashless. So, it further improves the operation of your air compressor.

A good amount of oil comes in the bottle; therefore, you would be able to use this for a lengthy time period.


If you are planning on using this oil for industrial purposes, you should pick this up in your cart. Poor quality oil will ruin your machine. In the long run, you will see that the condition of your machine is quite good if you use this oil.


  1. Has 8 times the life service of mineral oils
  2. Prevents wear and corrosion
  3. Is ashless
  4. Sufficient amount of oil in the bottle


  1. Is quite costly

Buying Guide for the Best Air Compressor Oils

In order to find the best synthetic air compressor oil, you have to go through this section to see what factors you need to tick off.

Oil Viscosity or Weight

The SAE, weight, or viscosity of every oil out there isn’t the same. When it comes to synthetic oil, weight plays an important role. The functionality of your oil compressor depends hugely on how much oil you add.

If your oil has the perfect firmness, then there is a bigger chance of your machine running more smoothly. If the viscosity is high, then oil will be thick and if it is low, it will be more runny and watery.

Mostly, the weight of 20 and 30 are considered to be ideal for any air compressor application.
But in our suggestion, if you have a heavy application, then you should go for the 30 weight oil. For lighter applications, it would be better if you opt for the 20 weight oil.

Choose a 40 and 50 weight oil when the temperature is very high.

Temperature Range

Another important aspect of the buying guide is the range of temperature.

If your oil does not have an accurate temperature, then in no way would your oil work, even if it has the perfect viscosity. Usually, you will find the temperature range written in the bottle.

People who live in places with high temperatures and low temperatures should buy items that can keep the ideal viscosity in the expected range of temperature.

If your compressor’s engine produces a good amount of heat, then you must pick a high-temperature suited oil if you want your machine to perform well and more efficiently.


It is important to know what are the additives that are in your air compressor oil. There are additives that can benefit your machine in a way. So, you should choose accordingly.

Brand of Oil

There is no doubt that you should for sure get a good brand of oil. The quality has to be high if you want your machine to be up and running for a good period of time.

A detergent air compressor oil would do no good to your machine. Be certain that the oil you buy is free of detergent. The quality of the oil should also meet with the air compressor.

Frequency of Oil Changes

You need to change your synthetic compressor oil regularly. The manual of the compressor should give you the proper directions and instructions on when to change air compressor oil.

Ones using a rotary model should get a change done after every 7,000 to 8,000 hours. The DIY ones should be changed once every year. For a reciprocating one, you have to do it once every 2-3 months.

But if you use the air compressor quite constantly, then you would need more oil change.
While adding a synthetic compressor oil, be sure to use an oil filter.

How Much Compressor Oil to Use?

There are times where you would be required to put in 3 oz of air compressor oil to keep a machine functioning properly. In some cases, such as for industrial purposes, 100 oz of oil is required to run the components.

If you follow this buying guide, then you will find the best synthetic air compressor oil according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best oil to use in an air compressor?

It is best for an industrial air compressor to use synthetic compressor oils over a mineral one. Mineral ones are better for home purposes.

Synthetic air compressor oils should be used because of the large range of temperature that they provide. Get a synthetic oil of weight 20 to 30 for your oil air compressor.

Can one use synthetic motor oil in their compressor?

A standard oil or synthetic blend will work perfectly only if the manufacturer of the device advises or asks to use them. You should always use the recommendations and directions given by the air compressor manufacturers because they know the best.

Is there any difference between air compressor oils and motor oil?

The main difference between compressor oil and motor oil is that the former does not have any detergent.

If you use a detergent air compressor oil, then there is a chance that it will carry metal pieces into the walls of the compressor. So, it is advised not to use detergent compressor oil.

What are the air compressor oil substitutes?

One can use hydraulic oil and automatic transfusion oil as an alternative to synthetic air compressor oils. But be sure to check with your manufacturer before you use these two as an alternative.

Does air compressor oil go bad?

If the oil remains under optimal conditions, then it won’t go bad easily. But it’s best if you use the oil up within two years of opening the seal.

Why do you need to drain an air compressor?

You need to pull on the drain plug to prevent the effects of corrosion.

Final Words

We have curated an ample amount of information to figure out the best synthetic air compressor oil for your device.

Do not leave your machine unlubricated, as it will give up on you very easily. Take care of your devices properly, and in return, it will stay loyal and provide you services for as long as it can.

By oiling your compressor with the right lubricant, you will increase its life and prevent it from wearing down quickly. So, choose your product very wisely.

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