Best Air Compressor Generator Combo Review 2022

A combo of air compressor generators is very useful for powering electrical equipment. These machines convert gas or diesel into electricity, allowing you to power lights, fans, and other tools.
To get the best results, you will need to invest in a generator that makes efficient use of its fuel.

That will save costs while providing sufficient power output.Picking out the best air compressor generator combo is not an easy task. Often, people with little or no knowledge spend hefty amounts in buying generators that cannot meet their needs.

So today, we will be looking into some of our top picks in the market to help you make a more informed decision.

List of Top Air Compressor Generator Combo

After putting in hours of research, we have selected 5 of the best generators for your needs. Our choices have been strictly judged based on feedback from customers and specifications.
Let’s take a closer look!

Speedaire, 13N457, Compressor/Generator, Portable

The Speedaire 13N457 is the perfect solution for people looking to get backup power in remote areas. The air compressor generator boasts a compact design and lightweight features that make it easy to be transported.

The large high quality wheels are long-lasting and durable enough to last you ages.
Don’t judge a book by its cover when you take a first glance at this gas-powered machine.
This generator combo packs enough punch for all your workshop needs.

Speedaire, 13N457, Compressor/Generator, Portable

Featuring a 13 horsepower air compressor, you will receive around 15-17 CFM depending on the PSI settings. The two stage pump lets you switch between 90 PSI and 175 PSI, efficiently using the generator combo’s capabilities.

The build quality of the Speedaire splash lubricated compressor is something we cannot overlook. It features compressor cylinders made from the best quality cast iron, allowing long operating hours while requiring minimal maintenance.

Also, the guard of the generator has a steel coating to enhance heat dissipation. As a result, there is less heat buildup inside the machine, which lets it run for prolonged periods of time at ease.


  1. Splash lubricated compressor is easy to maintain
  2. Durable steel coating to enhance heat loss
  3. Cast iron cylinders for long-lasting performance
  4. Honda engine provides reliable performance and airflow


  1. Unit is considerably heavy even when using the wheels for movement


The Speedaire 13N457 is a good choice for people who need a compact generator combo to run a handful of electric tools.

The robust Honda engine ensures reliability and performance for the long haul. Also, since the compressor is splash lubricated, the machine requires fewer maintenance checkups.

Campbell Hausfeld 2-in-1 Air Compressor/Generator with GX390 Gas Engine

The GR2100 from Campbell Hausfeld is an ideal choice for people who put efficiency above all else. The air compressor generator has a space-saving design that lets you keep it out of sight while being easily accessible.

At the heart of the generator is a powerful GX-390 Honda engine with two compressor cylinders for reliable airflow. Known for its durability and relatively low fuel consumption, the two-stage compressor can deliver 14 CFM at 90 PSI.

Campbell Hausfeld 2-in-1 Air Compressor/Generator with GX390 Gas Engine

That is more than adequate for most air tools. The air pressure makes this generator combo a must-have for most car workshops and industrial job sites because of its consistent airflow.

Moving on, the generator can provide a total of 5000 watts of power in both 120 and 240 volts. It features an electric start option which can save tons of money in the long run while ensuring safety.
The machine provides two duplexes, 120 volt outlets, and one 120/240 volt twist lock outlet to cater to all your electrical needs.


  1. OSHA and UL compliant control panel
  2. Powerful GX-390 Honda engine provides consistent performance
  3. Cast-iron two-stage compressors ensure high pressure max
  4. The electric start mechanism makes it easy to operate
  5. It runs on both 120 and 240 volt tools


  1. Hard to repair due to the unavailability of parts


The GX-390 Honda engine packed within the GR2100 is what makes this a master at low fuel consumption. Not only does it provide consistent air pressure, but it also manages to give out a total of 5000 watts of power.

This is perfect for most commercial and industrial worksites in terms of safe and efficient electrical output.

EMAX EGES14020T 14 HP 20 Gallon Horizontal Stationary Air Compressor/Generator/DC Welder

Our next choice is the EMAX EGES14020T, a heavy duty engine only to be used in busy workshops or industrial applications.

We say so because the high-capacity engine maximizes fuel efficiency when it runs at full throttle. The unit is large, so don’t mistake it for a portable air compressor generator combo that can be transported frequently.

EMAX EGES14020T 14 HP 20 Gallon Horizontal Stationary Air Compressor/Generator/DC Welder

The EMAX air compressor generator contains an engine with a 14 horsepower Kohler command series with a two-stage 5 horsepower pump. If you know your generators, you already know this engine will satisfy all your electrical needs.

The generator features two large tanks providing a total of 20 gallons of compressed air storage; the cast iron pump is lubed to offer smooth and consistent airflow even at high CFM.

Furthermore, the generator combo comes with three 120 volt and 240 volt power outlets with a 190 Amp DC welder. It allows you to run several hand tools simultaneously without losing out on total watts of output.

The 14 horsepower engine can provide a total of 5000 watts of power, enabling the machine to run various equipment at the same time.


  1. 5000 watts across 3 power outlets offer more than enough power
  2. Twin ASME tanks which can hold 20 gallons of air
  3. 14 Horsepower gas-powered Kohler engine for reliable power output
  4. Heavy duty steel guard helps the engine perform over long hours of use


  1. The generator is quite heavy and difficult to move from one place to another


The EMAX EGES14020T is one convenient machine to have for heavy duty industrial jobs. The 3 120 and 240 volt outlets can keep multiple tools running at the same time, which aids in flexibility.

Also, the large twin air tanks offer high pressure airflow over long periods of time.

Vanair – 050267-001 – Portable Air Compressor/Generator

If you’re on the hunt for an air compressor-generator combo that’s going to help you power a range of heavy duty electrical equipment, the Vanair 050267-001 might be the one you need.

This stationary machine comes equipped with a wide range of multifunctional capabilities and can handle all of your power needs at the same time.

Vanair - 050267-001 - Portable Air Compressor

It undoubtedly owes this efficiency to the use of a single-stage oil-flood air compressor, which can put out a constant and steady flow of compressed air.

This product can provide backup for a total of 4 hours at full capacity. That is more than enough to accomplish any number of tasks. Not to mention, the machine’s premium Kohler engine is both EPA certified and tier 4 compliant.

Another reason for the efficiency of this machine is its Smart Start Technology, which evaluates air demand automatically. The result is not only improved efficiency and enhanced productivity but a reduced gas consumption.

And keeping with the theme of convenience, this thing is also pretty portable as far as stationary models go. In particular, if you’re using a forklift, transporting this thing is relatively easy.


  1. Tough construction allows the machine to operate for extended periods
  2. Intuitive Smart Start Technology automatically senses air needs
  3. Multifunctioning capabilities make the generator suitable for various tasks
  4. The single-stage compressor allows for optimum performance


  1. It’s quite a heavy piece of machinery


Given its high power, single-stage compressor, and multifunctional capabilities, this compressor generator combination from Vanair is one of the most reliable you will find on the market.

Although it’s large and cumbersome and lacks portability, that seems like a problem with an easy solution as long as you can arrange for a forklift.

SPEEDAIRE Compressor/Generator, 13HP, 30Gal, 15.7CFM

Our final pick for you today is a selection from Speedaire, a brand widely known for the high quality of its generators and air compressors.

Well, the 6EWK5 is one of the top stationary performers on our list, offering the winning combination of functionality and efficiency.

SPEEDAIRE Compressor/Generator, 13HP, 30Gal, 15.7CFM

What makes this machine worth your consideration? Let’s start with its 30-gallon air compressor. This generously sized compressor is well primed to take on whatever heavy-duty applications you throw at it.

As a 2-stage model, this air compressor will ensure that your pneumatic tools can operate efficiently at full throttle.

Meanwhile, the machine’s 3500w generator has its own set of impressive features. With a 120v 15A duplex receptacle and another 230v 20A receptacle, this generator can handle the demands of tasks at job sites and domestic situations.

Not to mention, it comes with a compressor off-load for even better performance.
Additional features such as automatic shutoff at low fuel levels also enhance the value of this machine.

All in all, you’re getting a compressor/generator combo that is not only powerful but reliable and bound to see you through several projects of different types and scales.


  1. Smooth and easy recoil starter for convenient start-up
  2. Equipped with a single-stage pump and premium OHV Honda Engine
  3. The ideal choice for permanent and semi-permanent installation
  4. It comes with automatic shutoff capability when fuel is low


  1. Not portable due to lack of wheels


For those of you regularly using heavy-duty industrial tools, only a compressor/generator combo of this standing will do the trick.

Although this unit lacks portability, that seems like a small price to pay in order to enjoy its myriad benefits. Besides, if you are looking to install the machine on a permanent or semi-permanent basis, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Buying Guide

There are certain factors you need to look into to find the right match for your needs. Below, we have highlighted some of these criteria to aid your decision-making process.


Any air compressor generator combination you set your eyes on will run on one of the three fuel types.

It could be gasoline, liquid propane, or diesel. Each of them has different electrical output and efficiency; also, you should take fuel costs into account when choosing the type.

If you’re looking to power small electrical tools in your workshop, a heavy duty diesel generator will not be necessary.

Instead, you can opt for a gasoline one, giving you a decent output, enough to run handheld tools. It is also the most popular fuel type, making it readily available.

Diesel is more widely used when running tools with high power requirements, and it is also a very affordable fuel type. Not only is it more affordable than gasoline, but it also effortlessly runs for prolonged periods of time.

Both the gasoline and diesel powered engines are hard to clean because of their thickness. If that becomes a major issue, you can always pick propane powered engines. These are cleaner, but they come at the expense of reduced total output.

Power Output and Air pressure

Once you’re settled on which power source to use, you have to determine the max power output needed from the generator.

Depending on the number of electric tools you’re looking to use and their power consumption levels, you must make a calculated assumption.

To be able to estimate your required power output, check the AC power consumption of each tool. Adding them all will give you a clear idea of how much power you should need in total.

If you’re tight on a budget, try pairing tools that are frequently used together and try to find an average power requirement.

In addition, you will need to check the CFM of the air compressor generator in order to power specific tools that require air pressure. Knowing the CFM will give you an idea of the range of air tools compatible with your generator combo.

Design and Weight

Inspecting the design and weight of an air compressor generator is essential. You need to be able to house the entire generator combo near your workshop or wherever you need it.

The build quality of the air compressor generator needs to be heavy duty in order to sustain years of use without compromising on performance.

These machines can be pretty large and heavy in size, so you need to choose according to your space requirements. Some people prefer portable options, and while that can be rare, there are combos with wheel kits and handles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between AC and DC power?

AC or alternating current refers to an electrical current that can switch its flow of electrons from one direction to the other. DC, or direct current, on the other hand, can only move in one direction.

What does CFM represent?

CFM or cubic feet per minute represents the air pressure released from the compressor. It measures the force at which the air is flowing from one end to another.

Which generator combos require the least effort in maintenance?

Mostly all air compressor generators require periodic maintenance. However, liquid propane generators are easier to clean than other fuel types, but it comes at a higher price tag.

How much total power is ideal for industrial applications?

When it comes to industrial job sites, generators need to provide multiple outlets at 120 and 240 volts. With that being said, a total of 5000 watts of power output should be enough for industrial use.

Final Words

Choosing the best air compressor generator combo is a challenging task. Considering numerous factors such as durability and reliable performance, selecting the right one can be pretty daunting.

It would be best if you always focused on the purpose of the generator, whether it is to be used in a small workshop or an industrial site. This will clarify a lot about the power requirements.

In any case, all the above mentioned generators are guaranteed to give you utmost satisfaction in running all your electrical equipment. Pay extra attention to the total watt output and CFM to narrow down your choices.

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